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Addiction Recovery Services

Programs and Services

Evaluations and Referrals

Rapid Access to Evaluations and Referrals

Your recovery is our goal. Effective substance use disorder treatment and addiction recovery start with a fast and accurate evaluation. That’s why we often conduct an evaluation the same day it’s requested. We work one-on-one with each person to evaluate their needs and determine the best individualized treatment approach. This comprehensive and personal evaluation is available to anyone in need and is usually completed in one visit. And it’s always confidential, protected by state and federal confidentiality laws.  


Following the initial assessment, a referral will be made for the appropriate treatment, either inside or outside of the agency.

Our core group of trusted Intake Counselors handle initial appointments. Their confidential approach to the evaluation is a key to Huther Doyle's success 

Outpatient Teartment
Medical Stabilization Using Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Outpatient Treatment

Each of our clients is unique. That’s why we’ve developed specific addiction recovery programs to address the unique needs of our diverse clientele, including programs designed for the Hispanic community, women, those who are HIV positive, those with mental health concerns in addition to substance-abuse disorder, and those who are participating in medication-assisted treatment while attending outpatient treatment with us.

Medical Stabilization Using Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Withdrawal from illicit and/or prescription drugs can be difficult. We help medically stabilize individuals experiencing withdrawal through an evidence-based practice, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). This includes prescription of FDA-approved medications, such as Suboxone, Campral, Vivitrol and Naltrexone, to assist patients dealing with cravings and better enhance their engagement in recovery.

Clients are closely monitored through this process and, if needed, referred to more intensely supervised and supported medical detoxification. Once stabilized, MAT provides more effective treatment of substance-use disorders when targeted medications are combined with counseling and behavioral therapies.

Medications, such as Chantix and Nicotine patches, are also available through our agency to assist clients with smoking cessation.

Relapse Prevention

Addiction Recovery Enhancement
(Relapse Prevention)

This program focuses on avoidance of relapse triggers, development of a strategies prevention plan and identification of trusted sober supports.

Family Involvement
Specialized Populations

Substance-Use Treatment in Specialized Populations

Transitional Drug-Abuse Treatment (TDAT) and Federal Probation Clients

Individuals referred by the Bureau of Prisons or Federal Probation can access outpatient services from us. Referrals are made by the overseeing parole or probation agency. Clients are then evaluated and may be recommended for these specialized groups and individual sessions, which are held at Huther Doyle.

Dual Diagnosis

Clients who are evaluated with both substance use and mental health needs may be recommended for the dual-diagnosis treatment group to help clients manage these areas in their lives.   

Drug Court Case Manager

One full-time counselor is dedicated to working with our clients who are also involved in Monroe County Drug Treatment Court, acting as a liaison between our treatment clinic and the court.

Bereavement Groups

Huther Doyle provides bereavement groups free of charge for those who have lost a loved one due to substance abuse. Facilitated by specially trained and certified grief counselors, these welcoming and supportive groups meet twice a month.  Please call the main number (585) 325-5100 for more information.

Start your recovery journey today.

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