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Community Involvement

Healthcare Education, Training and Workshops

Behavioral Health Care Collaborative (BHCC)

Behavioral Health Care Collaborative (BHCC)

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Huther Doyle is a proud member of the Hillside-Catholic Charities Behavioral Health Care Collaborative (BHCC) network. Our network is comprised of over 50 providers who collectively provide mental health, substance use, medical, and social services for vulnerable adults, children, and families. Please click on the link below and fill out the Client Assistance Request Form and we will help connect you to the resources you request. The information you enter is completely confidential and there is no cost for this service.

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Project ECHO

Project ECHO 

Project ECHO is an innovative model for healthcare education and delivery in which providers and specialist faculty connect for virtual sessions that include both lecture and case-based learning. As part of the Western New York Collaborative, Huther Doyle is a specialist hub that focuses on chronic pain, opiate prescription, Substance Use Disorder and Medication Assisted Treatment. Funded by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), Huther Doyle hosts bi-monthly ECHO sessions for certified buprenorphine prescribers to better coordinate their involvement in the treatment process and to educate those without the necessary waiver on the certification process to become a prescriber. This ECHO is an important contribution to the local/regional initiatives in place to address the high incidence of opioid overdose deaths by growing the number of buprenorphine prescribers and by offering regular education and support to those who are prescribers.

Narcan Training

Narcan Training

Huther Doyle provides Narcan training for clients, their family and friends, and for any interested people in the community. Narcan is being widely used both locally and beyond to save lives by reversing the effects of a deadly opiate overdose. Virtually anyone can participate in Narcan training and receive a free kit to be used in the unfortunate event that they encounter someone who appears to have had an overdose. For information on the next Narcan training offered by Huther Doyle, please check our events page or call 585.325.5100.

Suboxone Training

Suboxone/Vivitrol Training

A handful of medications are now approved to assist people in recovery from a substance-abuse problem. Along with treatment and positive supports, these medicines have been shown to significantly increase the likelihood of successful restoration to health and wellness. Suboxone is the most common antagonist used today in the treatment of opiate addiction, meaning that proper use can ward off withdrawal symptoms and cravings while not producing a euphoria or “high” for the person using the medication. Vivitrol is an injectable antagonist that blocks the effect of an opiate if someone on the medication experiences a relapse. There are some helpful effects of Vivitrol for people with an alcohol problem, as well as for those in treatment for an opiate addiction. For information on the next Suboxone/Vivitrol training offered by Huther Doyle, please check our events page or call 585.325.5100.

Medical Resident Rotation

Medical Resident Rotation

In a cooperative effort with University of Rochester Medical Center, Huther Doyle is a site for the Combined Addiction Medical Fellowship, giving medical residents important experience in drug testing in clinical addiction medicine, outpatient medication management for opioid use disorders and other addictive conditions. Under the direction of Timothy Wiegand, MD, chief of toxicology at URMC and medical director at Huther Doyle, medical residents become involved in various aspects of Huther Doyle’s treatment, relapse prevention, medication management, and continuing care programs and services.   

Huther's Helping Hands

Huther’s Helping Hands

Created in our organization’s spirit of servant leadership, Huther’s Helping Hands is a food pantry and personal-needs closet for Huther Doyle clients, ensuring they have everything they need while they’re on the path to recovery. Foodlink generously provides nonperishable food items, as well as fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, for our closet. We also provide personal hygiene items, such as shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes. Winter coats are also available for our clients in need.

Personal donations of any of these items are always accepted and greatly appreciated. To learn how you can donate items, call 585.325.5100.

Speakers Bureau

Speaker's Bureau


We host and participate in professional conferences related to substance-use disorder issues and related topics. Conferences usually consist of multiple learning opportunities over one or two days. The conferences are often the result of collaborative efforts by various community groups, volunteers and organizations. To learn about upcoming conferences, please check our events page or call Craig Johnson at 585.325.5100.


We offer a number of community education and professional development workshops throughout the year. These workshops can be provided in conjunction with other agencies or groups and can address topics such as substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders, working with those in the criminal justice system or in housing transition. To learn about upcoming workshops or to request a workshop, please check our events page or call Craig Johnson at 585.325.5100.

Town Hall of Business

Town Hall of Business

The Town Hall of Business focuses on Rochester’s opioid crisis, among other alcohol and substance use, in the workplace.

It’s geared towards the business community, particularly top management staff, supervisors and Human Resource professionals to engage, learn and strategize around the opioid crisis and its impact on business and the local economy.  

Email us at to schedule an event at your company or business.

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Ticket 2 Ride Rochester

Ticket 2 Ride Rochester

Huther Doyle is excited to partner with the Ticket 2 Ride Rochester Program to provide this service for those who need it.

The mission of T2R is to provide affordable transportation in the form of bus passes to low-income individuals involved in the Monroe County criminal justice system. The objective is to enable them to comply with court-ordered mandates such as court appearances, participation in treatment sessions, attendance at parole and probation appointments, and involvement with educational and job training programs. 

The anticipated outcome is a cost savings to the community achieved by a reduction in the number of bench warrants, a decrease in the number of jail nights triggered by non-attendance, and a smoother reentry to the community following incarceration.

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Start your recovery journey today.

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