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360 Collaborative Network Provider Spotlight: Huther Doyle

Take a peek at the write-up from the Inaugural 360 Collaborative Network Newsletter:

Since they enrolled in the Unite Us platform (a referral platform used to connect people to the services they need) in March of 2019, Huther Doyle has generated over 60% of the client referrals within the 360 Collaborative Network with over 883 referrals overall, and 844 specific to the 39 targeted service sub-types that we have prioritized for our network! These referrals were delivered to 26 in network providers for a range of services including, but not limited to: emergency food, emergency housing, individual counseling, job search/placement, mental health evaluation, clothing & household goods, SNAP nutrition benefits and utility bill payment assistance. Huther Doyle has implemented a process that we consider a “best practice” which is outlined in the spotlight brief here. Please review and join me in congratulating Huther Doyle (Courtney Caldwell) for her outstanding effort and service!

Best Practice Recommendations:

  • Obtain sufficient licenses and assign a central “care coordinator” for referrals.

  • Present Unite Us platform benefits to functional areas – leadership and line staff.

  • Make it “easy”to refer: multiple modalities, such as paper form, email, excel.

  • Secure consent and information for referral “in advance.”

  • Host a “staff information fair.”

  • Generate monthly activity report and incent use of system.

  • Create a reference fact sheet.

  • Secure CEO support and endorsement.

  • Attend monthly meetings for 360 Collaborative Network.

Keep up the great work, Courtney!

To learn more, reach out to Courtney Caldwell at


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