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Are You Ready to ROC the Day With Us on December 1st?

ROC the Day is a day where we get to see our entire community come together and donate to those who need it most. You can make a difference!

**Huther Doyle has had no formal fundraisers this year due to COVID-19. Any and all support is greatly appreciated!

To donate on December 1st, go to:

Donate to help our community fight the opioid epidemic

As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on the generosity and active support of people like you—people who see the value in every life, the potential of our community and the importance of our work. Every penny donated to Huther Doyle goes directly to benefit our clients as we work to provide them with the best treatment and care available.

Donate to the Ticket 2 Ride Program

Huther Doyle has recently partnered with the Ticket 2 Ride Program. This program provides affordable transportation in the form of bus passes to low-income individuals involved in the Monroe County Criminal Justice System to assist in getting to mandated appointments and helps promote a smoother reentry into the community following incarceration.

There is a link to donate to this program on the Huther Doyle Roc the Day page.


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