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Job Opportunity! Huther Doyle in Search of a Harm Reduction Coordinator...

Harm Reduction Coordinator Opportunity ($60-75K)

Are you a dedicated advocate for harm reduction strategies for substance use disorder? Do you have a breadth of experience with community outreach? Are you experienced and comfortable working on the street with the homeless? Can you lead and manage a team doing harm reduction outreach? Huther Doyle is seeking a candidate who can confidently answer “Yes!” for a new role in our agency.

  • Coordinate a schedule for mobile outreach vehicle and consistently evaluate current and future outreach sites.

  • Identify community events where agency could bring the mobile outreach vehicle to assist with client outreach and marketing for the agency. Arrange staff for events.

  • Supervise and ensure safety of staff while out in the community with the mobile outreach vehicle. Address any safety concerns that arise.

  • Oversee grants related to Harm Reduction: report on goal accomplishments, track and report on expenses, manage budget, attend meetings with funders.

  • Outreach to community programs and initiate meetings to plan joint initiatives with our mobile outreach vehicle.

  • Drive mobile outreach van and instruct other employees on how to drive the mobile outreach vehicle.

  • Work with clinic leadership to develop and implement training for clinic staff regarding harm reduction methods in treatment.

Must have minimum of bachelor’s degree and experience in addressing substance use disorder and working with homeless population. CASAC preferred. Must be street smart and have experience with community engagement, grants, and managing a team.

If interested, please send resume to

Call 585-287-9548 with questions.


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