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Town Hall of Business at Flower City AmeriCorps!

Thank you to the Flower City AmeriCorps for having our Town Hall of Business out to talk about Substance Use Disorder and the Workplace and the opioid epidemic in our community. What a great group we had!

What is the Town Hall of Business?

The Town Hall of Business is a group consisting of service providers, businesses and county and police agencies that focuses on the community's opioid crisis, among other alcohol and substance use, in the workplace.

It’s geared towards the business community, particularly top management staff, supervisors and Human Resource professionals to educate, create awareness and engage staff around the opioid crisis and its impact on business and the local economy. We provide the tools and education necessary to plan and strategize around this crisis.

We can come out to your business!

Email us at for more information or call Kim Ackerman at (585) 287-9516!


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