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Training Opportunity: The Total Approach Family Program

Presented by Bridget DeRollo, NCADD-RA

The Total Approach Family Program

This FREE two-hour workshop is offered on:

Tuesday 12/17/19 from 12-2pm

Huther Doyle Center of Excellence

360 East Avenue

During the course of this year, we have been offering monthly clinical training sessions designed to increase the awareness about the experiences that family members often have when living with and caring about someone with a substance use condition. This session caps this series with a discussion of the longest standing and one of the most important educational opportunities available in our community to inform, engage and provide hope and resources for those who suffer with family addiction issues.

The Total Approach Family Program provides education and support for family members and other loved ones of the chemically dependent person. It addresses co-dependency as a primary illness and allows family and friends to begin their own recovery process. Interventions are available and assistance is provided in finding treatment for their chemically dependent loved one.

To register, please email Courtney Caldwell at

Questions? Call Craig Johnson @ 585-944-5086


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