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The reason for working in this field is simple, the Borinqua way. I grew up in a home that taught civic engagement. It does take a village, not only to raise a child, but to help the families and the community. I have been an advocate for whoever needed it, and interpreting/translating for families since I was a child. My grandparents taught me how to cook, when I was old enough, I was in the kitchen cooking for the neighborhood and events though our church Mt Carmel. This was a safe place for a lot of families coming from Puerto Rico. My family and many other families grew up with one of the original neighborhood settlement houses such as Lewis Street. Working with people and the community is all I know; it makes my heart stronger when I know I was able to help someone and move them closer to achieve their goals and needs.

I’m a very crafty person, I’m always in the middle of a project. I paint, sew, draw, make jewelry, the list goes on, and I am a huge animal advocate. I keep it real, I don’t sugar coat, I don’t like bullies, I am that “what would you do” person. My best asset is also my worst, my honesty and straight forward approach. This is a gift from my grandparents, they taught me to always stay true to who I am, be kind to all because you never know who that person could be, (they meant this in a Godly way), money does not make you better than anyone else, always be humble, appreciative, and grateful for the daily blessing. Most of all, you always feed everyone including your enemies because you never know who you could be helping, and I’m pretty funny in a sarcastic way…..

Germaine is Bilingual Health Home Care Manager at Huther Doyle.


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