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Huther Doyle Mobile Treatment Unit is Up and Running!

Currently serving the Westside of Monroe County....Where will we be??


Hamlin 9am -12pm Hamlin Town Hall Parking Lot

Clarkson 1pm - 4pm Hafner Park


Hilton 9am- 12pm Hilton United Methodist Church

Parma 1pm - 4pm Parma Town Park


Brockport 9am - 12pm Village Hall Parking Lot

Sweden 1pm - 4pm Sweden Town Park


Holley 9am - 12pm Holley Fire House

The Huther Doyle Mobile Unit is staffed with Counselors, Peers, and Medical Providers, offering state of the art treatment services to community members in need of intervention. Services provided will include:

· Treatment Vvaluations

· Counseling

· Peer supports

· Medication Assisted Treatment

· Narcan Trainings

Please call us at (585) 325-5100 if you have any questions!


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